Ticket Information

We are Pleased to Accept Credit and Debit Cards!

Checks No Longer Accepted.

Ticket Prices

Adults $7.00
Ages 13-59

Children & Seniors $5.00
Ages 3-12 & 60+

Mondays & Matinees $5.00

3d Features $1.00 Extra

Drive-In Carload $20.00
Includes a Medium Popcorn and Two Medium Soda’s

No FREE PASSES accepted for 3D features (these tickets have FREE PASS printed on them, you may still use Gift Certificates)

Gift Certificates

Due to overall price increases, we have found it necessary to increase the price of our gift certificates. 

Ticket with small popcorn and small soda

Narrow Gauge Cinemas gift certificate for a movie, small popcorn and soda.

$9.50 each
$85.00 pack of 10

Movie Gift Certificate

Narrow Gauge Cinemas gift certificate for a movie.

$7.00 each
$60.00 pack of 10

Child/Senior Gift Certificate

$5.00 each